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When it was released Macromedia Generator 2 became the next step for the Web by providing automatically updated, graphically dynamic content. For companies who need to deliver dynamic, graphical content to customers who require fast downloads and personalized content. Macromedia's Generator was an ideal solution with its ability to personalize pages for each user, as well as the flexibility to change data quickly without rewriting the Web pages and without sacrificing flexibility of design and content?. For an experienced Macromedia Flash developer the learning curve for this iteration of Generator was not as steep as it would be for a less experienced developer. Nevertheless there was lots to learn.

If you already were fluent in Flash 4, creating Generator templates was supposed to be easy. Simply drag an object from the Generator Palette to the stage (Flash's work area) and set a data source and properties. Native Flash objects, such as the text box, could also be used along with Generator variables. Reviewers opined that developers with a little programming knowledge would be able to couple Flash's action expressions with Generator's variables to create awesome sites. For experienced Web developers, Macromedia helpfully provided documentation for creating custom Generator objects with the Generator API and a listing of the product's classes and methods for direct programming. was created to help Generator users find all the information they would need to demystify, as well as master the intricacies of Flash and Generator. I visited when I was initially learning how to create designs in Flash, create authoring templates, and how to serve them up with Generator?. The day that GDN disappeared from the web was a shock to me. Time has passed and I can say that I have become an "experienced" developer working for a number of different clients including an online sterling silver jewelry shop that wanted to demonstrate some of the amazing features of cubic zirconia, including views from several angles to show off the brilliance of this crystal. While cubic zirconia rings, or cz rings, may look like diamond rings, they are much more affordable and most people will never be able to distinguish them from the real deal. Flash and Generator were perfect for this task and we received numerous compliments from the client for this work. There are constant challenges along with the rewards.

Recently I discovered that the domain for Generator Development was available so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages. This is a nostalgic trip for me back to my early developer years. Boy, was I green. I saw that this domain has had several iterations that had nothing to do with the original purpose of the site. I am instead recreating some of the old content and asking visitors to view the site from a historical perspective. The site is not going to look like the original site, and unfortunately many of its back pages with full articles were not available. But this is a thank you to GDN for being there for us Generator users who needed all the help they could get from folks such as yourself.

Well, enough reminiscing. Let's take a nostalgic stroll back to 1999.

Circa 1999

Now that Generator 2 is out, don't you want to know what it can do?! Well, we're here to tell you.

GDN is dedicated to you, Generator Users, to further benefit your needs and the web as a whole. We would like to invite you to join the family of Generator users. 

What does GDN offer?

  •  Articles on Generator (and associated program) uses, new technology and software, and other related topics.
  • A search engine for finding answers to your questions
  • A fully customizable site
  • Hot up-to-date news
  • A large index of Frequently Asked Questions
  • A live multi-room java chat server about Generator and other topics
  • The ability to post questions or start discussions in the forums
  • Tools to assist you in using Generator
  • The "Accomplishment of the Month" contest
  • *Coming Soon* Sign up to have your company listed as a Generator Developer and/or Hosting Provider.


Generator NEWS HEADLINES 1999-2000


GDN is looking for Admins/Developers

The Generator Developers network is looking for a website administrators and developers to build GDN into an even better place for Generator/Web developers.
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 12/20/00


NPS Generator Server Upgraded

Net Prezence Solutions, Ltd. has just upgraded their Generator server to provide the fastest Generator template processing performance possible.
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 12/20/00


Announcing Kimmuli 1.2 today announced Kimmuli 1.2, the code tool for Macromedia Generator.
Contributed by Andrew Stopford on 3/1/00


Why is nothing happening on GDN?

I admit, GDN has been a little slow lately, but we promise there will be a little action soon. Here is what is in store...
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 2/2/00


Eyewire announces fonts available for purchase

Eyewire works with Adobe to bring the Type Library online
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 1/5/00


Generator 2 and Flash 4 for auction!

It seems that one company had decided to switch away from Generator
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 12/15/99


ASP Flash Turbine 4.0 Released

Blue*Pacific has announced the release of ASP Flash Turbine... bringing yet another competitor into the dynamic flash market.
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 12/12/99


GDN moves to SQL Server for speed

GDN is constantly improving for you
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 12/3/99


New Fonts Section

GDN now has a great new section full of links to tons of fonts sites we hope will aid you in your development.
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 12/2/99


Sounds For Creation

GDN now has a great new "Sounds For Flash" section, so now you can find those perfect WAV's for your newest flash movie even easier.
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 12/1/99


Reliable Generator 2 Hosting

Net Prezence Solutions is now offering Generator 2 hosting that is not only fasts, but reliable.
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 11/29/99


New Tutorials Soon!!

We will be adding a slew of new tips, tricks and tutorials to GDN within a week or two thanks to all the great people at
Contributed by Ken Jacobs on 11/29/99


Free Content for Generator Developers

Free dynamic content to link into flash generator.
Contributed by Ken Kubik on 9/24/99


Generator Prices Strike Up Controversy

The new technology of the internet. Too expensive?
Contributed by Ken Kubik on 9/22/99



Now you can stop having to type out GENERATORDEVELOPMENT.NET. You can now simply get to us at GENDEV.NET. Same great community, new shorter additional URL.
Contributed by Ken Kubik on 9/18/99


Generator 2 Announced

Macromedia have today announced Generator 2
Contributed by Andrew Stopford on 8/31/99



The deadline for the E-Greetings contest is approaching. Get your entries in quick before it is over, and you could be walking away with $250!
Contributed by Ken Kubik on 8/27/99


Cold Fusion Express Released

Allaire has released their free, watered-down verison of Cold Fuson. This is a great day for the Graphic Designer.
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 8/18/99


E-Greetings Contest Extended

We have decided to extend the contest in hopes to get more entries. Remember, this is a contest for MONEY.
Contributed by Ken Kubik on 8/17/99


HTML in the forums

We had to disable HTML code in the forums
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 8/12/99


The E-greetings Contest!

This is a contest for MONEY! Yes, you heard me right, MONEY! Read on for more info on the contest.
Contributed by Ken Kubik on 8/6/99


Generator Developer & Hosting Lists

We've added a couple new resources for everyone.
Contributed by Shannon Hicks on 8/3/99